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Life's Abundance Pet Food Testimonials
Hear from pet lovers who have faithfully used our products for several years
I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product and I have highly recommended Life's Abundance
(Premium Health Food for Kittens & Adult Cats) to my friends, colleagues and anyone who will listen!!!!

Helen S., New York
Customer since December 2002

Dear Dr. Jane Bicks and company,
I just wanted to tell you of the transformation of my dog. We decided to switch after being convinced by my brother
who had recently adopted a boxer and wanted the best food for his puppy. So, we decided to order a med size
bag (of Life's Abundance Premium Health Food for Puppies & Adult Dogs) and see how it went. He definitely liked
the food and even in the transition there wasn't any diarrhea or any potty problems. After about a week, you could
see a difference in his coat. What was once dull and lack luster, had a sheen and a softness that just made you
want to pet!! Then the pads of his feet began to change...softer, almost as if someone had put lotion on them! The
shedding stopped! So did the itching!! Thank you all for all of your hard work and efforts to make a dog food that is
healthy for peoples' animals. I joke that my dogs probably eat better than I do!! Maybe you could get into health
foods for people too!

Cindy S., Illinois
Customer since July 2006

Hi Dr. Bicks,
I wanted to let you know that since putting our 2... 12-yr-old labs on LA (Life's Abundance Premium Health Food
for Puppies & Adult Dogs) 2 years ago, they are doing fabulous! I have never seem them look and feel so good!
Their energy levels, coats, and overall health are great. They look and act younger now than they did years ago.
The food and supplements are fantastic. Just wanted to let you know that!

Nancy B., New York
Customer since September 2007

I have a 15 year old Calico tabby that has had trouble with... watery, gunky eyes. Within a week of switching to
Life's Abundance her eyes have cleared up ...

Janice R., Alabama
Customer since April 2007

Hello, I just wanted to comment on your dog food (Life's Abundance Premium Health Food for Puppies & Adult
Dogs)! Years ago, my sister was a distributor of this food, well she had to quit. I had forgotten about your products
until I was researching for a better and safer product for my little "girls" (Boston Terrier's) because of the awful
poisoning of the dog foods...so I came across your website, once again. I have to say, I am sooo excited from
seeing and being a witness to what ever ingredients you have in there, it has made my oldest BT act like a pup
again. She has always been "lathargic, lazy, kick-back, passive" until I started feeding her your dog food! We
could see the difference in as little as 2 days! I was totally impressed! I was sooo impressed with the results, I
turned one of my friends on to it, so now she is buying it for her BT...her terrier absolutely loves it too! So
anyways, THANK YOU for sacrificing many long hours into making this a HEALTHY food for our little girls! I pray
that God continues to bless your business with success!

Becky S., Missouri
Customer since May 2007

I get so many compliments on how gorgeous my tuxedo cat's coat is, and how sleek and healthy he is. The
reason is owed entirely to the food (Life's Abundance Premium Health Food for Kittens & Adult Cats) and
supplements (Life's Abundance Wellness Food Supplements for Cats) you make. He is a thriving feral cat
rescue, thanks to your representative and my dear friend... having introduced us to your products. I hope you stay
in the business of nutritional support for our pets for many, many years to come!

With best regards,
Nanci D., Florida
Customer since November 2007

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just ordered my second bag of Life's Abundance (Premium Health Food for
Puppies & Adult Dogs) and feel such a great relief from worrying about what food is the best for my beautiful labs.
The recall scared me to death and because of it I researched all dog food to find the best. Life's Abundance is the
best, my dogs look better and feel better. My five year old is running around like he is two again. And his eyes are
not running anymore and he isn't rubbing his face and the rug anymore. He would itch so much he rubbed his
face till it bled. But not anymore. I have great confidence in the food I feed them now, and they are so much
happier and healthier. Thank you so very much for your great product and for caring about our pets and my peace
of mind.

Cheryl P., New York
Customer since March 2007

Just wanted to let you know that even though I've only purchased Life's Abundance (Premium Health Food for
Puppies & Adult Dogs) a few weeks ago, my dogs have shown a remarkable improvement! No more allergies! I
guess this is one good thing that came about from the recent pet food recall! Thank you so much for helping to
improve the lifespan of my pets!

Shelley B., Nevada
Customer since April 2007

Spencer, my 7 year old long-haired Siamese, has had a 'sensitive' stomach for a few years. Switching to
Prescription Diet Pet Food, or other premium brands, did nothing for him. When his vomiting of dry food increased
dramatically, I did some online research and learned about allergies to fillers (i.e., corn) that has become common
in most dry pet foods, and then found your products. He and his sister, Kate, have been on Life's Abundance
(Premium Health Food for Kittens & Adult Cats) since mid-June, and Spencer has not vomited once since then.
Needless to say, I'm delighted that he is no longer having an allergic reaction. Both of them love their food, and
patiently sit at their bowls if they can see the bottom! Many thanks for your fine products. You may be sure we will
be life-long customers.

Rosine R., Florida
Customer since June 2007

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